Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021

Many people often say that cryptocurrencies are “stored” in wallets, but this is technically incorrect; so we’ve prepared for you a list of the best crypto wallets utilizing our unique methodology!

Best Crypto Wallets To Profit From

Ledger Nano S
Cold Wallets for Cryptocurrency
Coinbase wallet is one of the main competitors of the native Bitcoin wallet—blockchain. Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California. At the moment, these two wallets have roughly equal numbers of fans. Let’s discover if there’s any scam when it comes to the wallet usage!
Coinbase review
Exodus wallet for cryptocurrencies is among the most popular ones. Special attention is to be paid to the exodus app being extremely convenient and user-friendly. Read out an exclusive review by Crypto-Auditor based on the strictest testing criteria.
Exodus review
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Wallet’s Name Wallet Type Platforms
Ledger Nano S Hardware iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux
BitBox Hardware Windows, Mac (Web App)
Exodus Software Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Guarda Software Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Ledger Nano X Hardware iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux
eToro Software Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
CoolWallet S Hardware iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux
Coinbase Software Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Trustology Software iOS
Indacoin Software iOS

What’s important is to know what is the best crypto wallet. Along with this, it’s significant to realize the very process of how cryptocurrency wallets function.

Funds are stored on the blockchain: a distributed, decentralized ledger that is the backbone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Wallets, in turn, contain important data that allow the user to access these funds directly inside the blockchain and, if properly managed, ensure their safe storage.

Ledger Nano S

Take a look at the best online wallets for cryptocurrency now, and it’s the first one. Ledger is a solid, good wallet with pros and cons. If you want to travel and always have a crypt at hand, then Ledger is ideal in this regard, since until now most people do not understand that this is a wallet and think that this is a simple flash drive.

Of course, the wallet also has minor drawbacks, such as: entering the PIN code and initial setting, as well as the keys themselves. Yes, maybe this is a purely personal perception, but they seem uncomfortable to us, especially when you need to hold down 2 buttons at once.


    • Mobility: it is convenient that the wallet can always be at hand, thanks to a good mobile application
    • Convenient graphic design on PC
    • The third huge plus is that to store ERC 20 tokens, XRP and a couple more coins, you do not need to switch the wallet to Beta mode. Here we just install the desired wallet and that’s it
    • Safety and reliability.

    In general, we are happy with the wallet, but the minor cons are a little off-putting.


    • The setup is a little harder
    • Entering a pin code takes dozens of times longer
    • Ledger has wallets of the coins themselves for service, and the service process itself takes a very long time, up to several days
    • The buttons are not very comfortable and sometimes they are pressed through, but this is probably a marriage of our wallet model
    • When you want to copy the address of a coin in order, for example, to withdraw coins from the exchange to the Ledger wallet, you have to spend extra time. Firstly, in order to copy an already created address, you must verify it on the wallet itself. The entire address does not fit on the screen and you have to constantly click on the “next” button to make sure that the address of the digital wallet on the computer is the same as on the hardware wallet
    • You can immediately download only a couple of wallets. If you need, for example, 10 wallets (or more), then you will have to delete some of the hardware wallet. But that’s okay: you don’t delete the coins, the coins remain on the wallet, you just delete the wallet itself. If you need it again, then just reinstall it and that’s it, all the coins will be displayed immediately, they will not disappear anywhere!


The new BitBox02 hardware wallet is sold on the official website in two flavors: a standard version and a BTC-only version. Both options are priced at about $110 at current exchange rates.


  • The screen has a resolution of 128×64 pixels (better than the new Ledger Nano X)
  • This screen is more than enough to display the transaction data and symbols required for access
  • A feature of this device is the interaction of the user with the device.
  • Given the lack of keys, Shift Crypto Security decided to introduce touch-sensitive buttons located on the sides of the hardware wallet. By touching the two touch edges with your fingers, you can operate and use the device
  • The great thing is that entering an alphanumeric password thanks to the touch interface and user interface becomes really practical and fast
  • Compared to having to scroll through all the available options with two time-consuming keys, you can simply click on several different groups of numbers and letters a couple of times by placing or swiping your fingers around the edges.

BitBox from Shift Crypto Security is definitely an interesting hardware wallet.

However, the target audience of this wallet is mainly Bitcoin-only users who are not interested in other cryptocurrencies, or the main coins and tokens that the wallet can support.

It is for this reason that the company has well thought out the creation of two variants of such a device: one is intended only for Bitcoin, and the other is to support other altcoins.


Exodus Wallet is a software wallet that your Apple device uses to enhance security. In fact, when you log into Exodus through the iPad or iPhone wallet app, you will be able to activate fingerprint or face recognition as a way to authenticate your identity.

Like most Bitcoin wallets for iOS, Exodus allows you to conveniently send and receive around 100 coins.

The application has a minimalistic design and user-friendly interface, which is easy and simple to navigate. This is important especially because of the many tools available in this mobile wallet.

In fact, Exodus allows you to convert cryptocurrencies right on the built-in exchange. However, you cannot buy or sell digital coins with fiat currency.

Downloading and installing Exodus is completely free.

This bitcoin wallet is best for advanced users as it provides access to private keys that, if lost, could render funds unavailable.

Users must create a seed phrase for each asset, and this is the last way to get their funds back if you lose your password.


    • Free to download and configure
    • Easy to use
    • Good selection of coins


    • Users are solely responsible for protecting their passwords
    • Coin conversion cost is relatively higher than alternatives.


Guarda is a software wallet available for digital devices and operating systems.

Guarda offers free setup and a number of benefits, including a built-in cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, you can also buy Bitcoins and other coins with a plastic card directly from this wallet.

With this wallet, you will only be able to store about 50 coins and tokens.

This wallet is not storage related: it does not store any keys or data by itself, but instead stores them directly on the blockchain.

Moreover, users have access to your private keys and can create and use their own ERC20 tokens. As a result, this wallet is considered the best wallet for advanced cryptocurrency users.

Setting up a Guarda wallet is simple, but you should definitely keep your password and code in a safe place. Better on paper. If you forget it, you will not be able to access your funds.


    • Free customization
    • Offers ERC20 token creation and related tools
    • Provides cryptocurrency exchange services


    • There is no possibility of recovery if access to the password and backup is lost
    • Limited choice of cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is actually a cold storage device (hardware wallet), but offers iOS compatibility that allows you to access Bitcoins using your iPhone or iPad wallet.

The Nano X is the latest of the Ledger cryptocurrency wallets and is considered the safest and most functional of the series.

This wallet costs € 119, so it is significantly more expensive than some of the other best iOS wallets. However, at this price, you will be able to store over 1,100 coins and tokens.

In addition, since your iOS device only connects to a physical wallet for a short time, the chances of a successful jailbreak are significantly lower.

The connection between your Apple and Ledger devices is via the Ledger Live mobile app and Bluetooth. This mobile application has been described by users as intuitive, user-friendly and fast.


    • One of the safest and best iOS wallets
    • Supports over 1100 coins and tokens
    • Friendly and intuitive interface


    • You must carry your device with you to access your mobile wallet.
    • Relatively expensive but worth the money


While many have probably heard of eToro as a Bitcoin CFD trading platform, fewer people know that the trading giant has released a functional Bitcoin wallet for iOS.

The eToro mobile wallet has an important advantage of being supported by a regulated entity, although this means that it is currently only available in some countries. Only real assets are available to US users.

eToro is available as a wallet for iPhone and iPad and is free to download and set up.

The fee is charged only for transactions or conversions.

In fact, eToro’s mobile wallet provides a built-in exchange platform that allows you to convert one cryptocurrency to another. Alternatively, you can also buy Bitcoin with your credit card directly from this iOS Bitcoin wallet.

The wallet supports over 120 coins and tokens and offers a user-friendly interface for sending and receiving funds.

The eToro trading platform app is considered one of the best in the world, so it comes as no surprise that its mobile wallet offers user-friendly features and a sleek design.

However, because it is a hot coin storage device, it is not considered as safe as its cold storage alternative.


    • Download and setup Free
    • Access to the built-in cryptocurrency exchange
    • Supported by a regulated entity


    • Less secure than cold wallets
    • Limited selection of less popular coins

CoolWallet S

CoolWallet S is a hardware wallet that looks a lot like a credit card. Stylish and convenient, the cold storage device has an integrated display and a button for managing transactions.

It connects to your iPhone wallet using Bluetooth or NFC, making it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency.

There are several factors that make CoolWallet S one of the safest Bitcoin wallets in the world.

The hardware device is not only shockproof, waterproof, tamper-proof, and resistant to extreme temperatures, but it also provides facial recognition via iOS and uses a highly secure element to store private keys.

CoolWallet S is priced at $ 99. This price range falls between the prices of the Nano X and Nano S wallets. However, it supports significantly fewer coins and tokens, so you should only choose this wallet if you want the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin wallet for iOS gives you access to your private keys and the ability to recover your password. Plus, navigating the app and initiating transactions is straightforward and straightforward.


    • An extremely secure iOS wallet
    • Connects via Bluetooth and NFC
    • Fits in your wallet due to its compact size


    • You must carry your device with you to access your mobile wallet.
    • Not free, but worth the money
    • Supports significantly fewer coins and tokens than similar options

CoinBase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is an offline Bitcoin wallet for iOS that is supported by a global cryptocurrency broker and exchange platform.

You don’t need to create an account on the Coinbase platform to download and use the wallet. However, you can enjoy superior security and functionality designed for the regulated parent company.

While Coinbase Wallet is very easy to use, it has several advanced options, including a built-in DApp browser. This allows users to interact with Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps).

The wallet gives you access to roughly 100 coins and allows you to perform currency conversions by connecting to decentralized exchange platforms.

The Coinbase wallet is free to download and set up and offers low transaction fees.

Although the private keys are stored in the wallet, the user does not have access to them. In most cases, this is a minor inconvenience that leads to easier recovery options.


    • Supported by a regulated cryptocurrency exchange
    • Easy to use
    • Provides in-app cryptocurrency conversion


    • Not as reliable as cold storage wallets
    • No access to private keys


Trustology is a new best crypto software wallet wallet for iOS that offers a unique fee and benefit structure.

Its free version provides a secure iPhone wallet with a limit on the total value of stored assets. This version also limits the number of outgoing transactions and provides access to DApps.

Two monthly premium subscriptions give you an expanded range of benefits and higher limits. In addition, you also get insurance for funds lost through fraud, which is not found in all bitcoin wallets. This is an exclusive offer.

Trustology Wallet for iOS, better known as TrustVault, provides a user-friendly interface for managing your cryptocurrencies. This makes it ideal for beginners, but its advanced integration capabilities make it a favorite among power users and developers.

In fact, its only significant limitation is the very small number of supported coins.


    • Funds are insured
    • Free and low cost subscriptions available
    • Advanced integration options available


    • Limited number of supported coins
    • No access to private keys

Indacoin Wallet

Indacoin wallet user interface is displayed on both laptops and mobile devices.

The Indacoin wallet was developed by a renowned cryptocurrency exchange and allows users to convert and buy Bitcoins directly from the iOS app.

While this feature is certainly useful, the wallet is known for its bugs. In addition, users complain about higher fees and poor service.

The Indacoin wallet requires users to create a 4-digit PIN and your wallet can be restored using your mobile number. Moreover, it is not possible to access your private key.

This wallet is popular and lacks the advanced security features offered by other wallets on this list.

It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and is free to download and configure.


    • Free to use and customize
    • Provides access to a wide variety of coins.
    • Allows you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies using Fiat


    • Relatively high transaction fees
    • Low security.

Crypto Wallets Assessment Methodology

Take a look at our methodology of crypto wallet assessments, i.e. you’ll know which criteria we use for the evaluation of each cryptocurrency wallet. So, you’ll be assured that our recommendations are unbiased and based on credibility.


To assess if a particular option is the best crypto wallet, it’s necessary to understand how safe it is to use and if it’s deprived of any scam.

In cryptocurrency systems, when you search for my digital wallet, the security and integrity of your account is guaranteed by a network of agents (segmented file transfers or file transfers from multiple sources) that are verified by miners. They protect the network by maintaining a high speed of processing algorithms.

Hacking existing cryptocurrency security is mathematically possible, but the cost of achieving it is unacceptably high. For example, an attacker trying to cheat the BTC blockchain and double-spend would need computing power that exceeds the capacity of all miners in the system. But even then, he will not have all the control capabilities. A hacker needs to cross the 51% power threshold to even get close to this goal.

Fees with the Top Crypto Wallets

All of the crypto wallets have the fees for the transactions made. We pay attention to this factor and announce all of the fees before you start using your crypto wallet.


Some of the crypto wallets ensure you have access to the bonuses upon registration. As a rule, these bonuses are credited to your wallet in the form of a new crypto currency to be promoted.

Crypto Wallets Types

To find out which your best cryptocurrency wallet is, it’s paramount to take a look at the types a coin wallet can be. Keep on reading and get the answer for what are the best crypto wallets types!

Grab all data about the types of cryptocurrency wallets now.

Cold Cryptocurrency Wallets

Hardware wallets are physical devices that look like a regular USB flash drive. Their main function is to generate and store a key inside the system—it cannot be retrieved, therefore such storages are considered the most secure. The best online crypto wallets transactions take place in a similar way; at the exit, the user receives an electronic signature, which enters the blockchain.

All wallets have multiple buttons and a screen. To confirm transactions, the user must provide a PIN code. In case your device breaks or gets lost, you can create a backup. In general, hardware wallets have no drawbacks, except for the price – the average cost of such storage ranges from $ 80 to $ 200.

Hot Cryptocurrency Wallets (Digital Wallet for Cryptocurrency)

If you’re interested in what is the best digital wallet, you should know that ‘digital’ is the same as ‘hot’. To create a cryptocurrency wallet, you can use online services through a website or plugin. The most popular one among the digital wallets for cryptocurrency is MyEtherWallet. This wallet is designed to store Ether and ERC-20 tokens.

The advantage of such services is that they are available from any device—you can quickly create a secure address to receive a transfer in cryptocurrency. Unlike exchanges, they do not store the private key and are therefore considered more secure.

Alternatively, you can use browser plugins for the online crypto wallet. Among such solutions, the MetaMask wallet is the most popular. It supports

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Brave, and
  • Edge browsers.

Also, the developers have provided a mobile application for iOS and Android. It is a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet that is also designed to interact with third-party applications on the blockchain.

Read on to discover which crypto wallet is best! Believe, is aware of what’s the best crypto wallet!

Hosted Wallets

Hosted wallets are highly secure, especially if they store all the blockchain data. Programs like these are often referred to as “fat” programs because their weight is constantly increasing.

Among these wallets, the Bitcoin Core Wallet can be distinguished. This is the official program that allows you to interact with the blockchain directly.

Alternatively, thin wallets are used. They also provide complete control over the balance, however, you need to trust a third party as transactions go through a third party service.

Among such best digital wallets for cryptocurrency, BitPay can be distinguished—the program is open source, it supports many popular cryptocurrencies and runs on

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android,
  • iOS, and
  • Mac operating systems.

Pros and Cons

Hence, the following advantages:

  • Money control: no need to trust intermediaries, for example, exchanges, since the user is independently responsible for the safety of the key;
  • Full verification: the wallet carries out a full verification of all transactions, but in return it takes more than 350 gigabytes and requires a high speed of connection to the network;
  • Open source: any developer can audit the wallet and make sure that there are no third-party services and vulnerabilities.

However, there are some cons, namely,

  • Firstly, this wallet only allows you to store bitcoins
  • Secondly, thick wallets are constantly increasing in size, which is why it is problematic to use them—not every user is ready to allocate more than 350 gigabytes
  • Thirdly, thick wallets do not guarantee absolute security. If a virus gets on a computer, a hacker can steal the private key or change the public key during a transaction.

Decentralized Wallets

A decentralized wallet is the one, in which the client owns his private keys. The user receives a file with private keys and must write a mnemonic phrase with which he can restore access to his funds.

Having private keys means that the user has full control over the funds. However, it should be borne in mind that full control over the money also means that only the consumer is fully responsible for their funds.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are a part of the best digital wallet for cryptocurrency and are usually used for storing small amounts of money as well as very impressive ones.

More and more stores around the world are starting to accept payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum, so it is convenient to store some of these tokens in a mobile wallet in case the user needs to pay for something.

Best Crypto Wallet for Beginners

So, what is the best cryptocurrency?

The option of using online wallets is perfect for novice users, since the latter, as practice shows, are not always able to ensure the safe storage of coins at the proper level, as well as work with “light” or “thick” cryptocurrency wallets on their computer.

Wallet’s Name Key Feature
Ledger Nano S Easy setup
BitBox Rapid payments/transactions
Exodus Fast verification and easy withdrawal
Guarda Easy sign up
Ledger Nano X Simple setup
eToro Possesses countless currencies
CoolWallet S Simple usage
Coinbase Easy verification process
Trustology Fast and easy withdrawals
Indacoin Easy registration

Before you start registering on a certain online service to manage your bitcoins, you should analyze in detail whether you can trust this resource to store your coins and what amount of such savings will be optimal. In order not to run the risk of losing a large amount, you can periodically transfer currency from your main wallet to online.

During the existence of the cryptocurrency, due to hacker attacks, high-profile thefts and even accidental losses of large sums by users themselves, existing online services for managing cryptocurrency have developed certain rules and measures to protect coins—from SMS-confirmations, multisignatures and two-factor authentication to insurance and “cold” storing funds of users who trust them with their money.

The use of online wallets does not provide for the installation of certain software on a computer, and therefore does not use its resources and RAM.

But at the same time, the functionality of such resources is no worse than hardware wallets for cryptocurrency, moreover, some of them have such advantages as buying and selling Bitcoin, paying for services and goods, receiving a list of address books and the history of all transactions by e-mail or via SMS.


If you want to buy Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, you first need a suitable wallet. The wallet works in a similar way to a real wallet. Unlike a real wallet, however, no coins are placed in the wallet, because Bitcoin is a digital currency.

For this reason, it is a purely digital wallet. Wallets are also known outside of the world of Bitcoin & Co. and are sometimes referred to as cyber wallets or e-wallets. It can be used to pay for digital goods on various electronic platforms. The same applies to the best online crypto wallet. If you want to buy something with Bitcoin, you pay from your wallet.

With Bitcoin, factors such as transparency and traceability of the crypto currency wallet transactions play an important role. Each wallet is therefore assigned a specific character string or the wallet actually only consists of such a character string.

Each of these strings is unique. This means that there are no two wallets with the same character string. This makes it possible to clearly distinguish the various wallets from one another at any time. The credit is then saved in the wallet.

Basically, everyone has an insight into how much credit is stored in a wallet. So if someone knows the character string of a wallet, he can see its credit balance at any time. However, the wallets are anonymous. So it is not clear who owns the wallet.

Personal data is not stored in connection with the wallet. The wallet is also password-protected. So it is not enough to know the character string to be able to access a wallet and its credit

Having a crypto wallet is free of charge, as a rule. However, you’ll be supposed to pay the fees for all money transactions. So, now matter which wallet is best for cryptocurrency, the fees are inevitable, unfortunately.

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