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It’s not that easy to pick the best crypto wallet for iPhone because of the safety measures and reliability lack. After a ton of tests, Crypto-Auditor has accomplished the best crypto wallet iOS toplist to exclusively present for our readers. Scroll down slowly not to lose any details!

Best Cryptocurrency Wallet for iPhone: A Toplist

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There are a large number of bitcoin wallets on the market and sometimes it is difficult for users to make a choice.

It’s important to remember that iPhone wallets are not very secure, as there are certain risks with passwords.

The phone can break or be stolen. If hackers manage to gain access, the user will lose their bitcoins.

Moreover, all iPhone wallets are vulnerable, so it is recommended to handle them carefully and not keep all funds in one place.



  • HD wallet
  • Open source code
  • It does not store private keys on the server, which makes it secure


  • There is no multisig
  • Two-factor authentication is not supported

This wallet can be described in two words as an application for sending and receiving tokens.

It has an intuitive user interface and open source, making it more secure and trustworthy.

The wallet does not connect to servers or the network and, as a result, is resistant to malware.

The software uses the SPV mode, thanks to which the wallet is directly connected to the bitcoin network.

Moreover, the wallet does not store private keys on its server, which allows users to have complete control over their funds.

The wallet is completely free, however, when transferring bitcoins, you must pay a network commission.

The Breadwallet wallet has a high level of security. However, it does not provide a two-factor authentication system, a feature that many other applications have.

Also, if you buy bitcoins through this wallet, you will be redirected to third-party applications with different security systems.

You can download the Bread application in the specialized online store AppStore.

MyCelium Wallet


  • HD wallet
  • Open source code
  • There is no multisig


  • Two-factor authentication is not supported
  • Difficult to use

This wallet allows users to access their accounts using a private key. This unique feature sets the app apart from the rest.

At the same time, the HD security function is also implemented here, using the main seed to create all subsequent bitcoin addresses.

Thus, a higher level of security is offered.

The application runs on BIT ID, an open protocol that allows secure authorization, unlike most classic password-based authorization systems, which are not secure.

The app offers a unique level of interaction when used for trading.

The wallet works with a private bitcoin key for registration and authorization on Mycelium servers.

Servers store bitcoin addresses, logins, sell orders and trade history.

MyCelium is an open source application with a large number of updates offered, which has a positive effect on scalability and practical use.

The only negative factor is that it is somewhat more difficult to use than other wallets.

There are a large number of MyCelium reviews out there to learn more about the app.



  • HD wallet
  • Open source code
  • Multisig


  • Two-factor authentication is not supported

Open source software. It offers its users a complete wallet for storing bitcoin. It maintains high security through an embedded multisig.

That is, a wallet can have multiple users. In order to transfer or receive funds, a group of users must approve each transaction.

Thanks to this, users can not deal with the boring procedure of managing addresses, but work directly with their wallet, both for personal needs and for business.

The wallet has an HD security feature that allows you to safely generate wallets inside the application and make backups if necessary.

The server is also open source, and each user can contribute to different versions of both the wallet itself and various services.

Wallet funds can be restored through a backup, allowing users to find missing coins.



  • HD wallet
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works with a wide range of cryptocurrencies


  • Not Open-source
  • There is no multisig
  • Two-factor authentication is not supported

The wallet was created by the Ethereum founder Anthony Di Iorio. Offers storage of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

The application offers a beautiful and intuitive interface. You can use the free version of the service without registration.

To enter, a 12-word LED password is used. Thanks to it, users can manage private keys to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The technology is constantly evolving and provides access to new projects, tokens and cryptocoins.

However, experts note that the product code is not open source, which may raise questions from a number of users.

And if there was open source here, the wallet would surely be more popular. By the way, a large number of reviews of this wallet have been written on the net.



  • HD wallet
  • Open source code
  • Two-factor authentication supported
  • Universal wallet


  • There is no multisig

It is a universal wallet with a high level of security, reliability, privacy, and an intuitive interface.

The application is decentralized and offers scalability.

Security is ensured through client-side encryption, which keeps private keys encrypted and protects against malicious attacks.

Also, the application provides HD address rotation and decentralized access, which make the apk even more private.

Due to its decentralization, users do not need to worry about Airbitz servers failing, as the application is connected to a large number of bitcoin nodes.

The application has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to read and enter passwords and logins.

Scalability is also an advantage as it allows the application to be interconnected with other blockchain-based apps. This feature is significant to consider when testing for the best crypto wallet for iphone.



  • High security level
  • Numerous currencies included


  • The interface might’ve been more advanced

Another best crypto wallet for iOS is Bitpie.

It’s another popular Bitcoin wallet that is gaining traction. We’ve noticed this wallet during Bitcoin forks like SBTC and Bitcoin Diamond.

The good news is that this is an HD wallet that also supports multiple currencies on the iOS platform. When using Bitpie you have access to the following functions:

  • Seed phrase and backup phrase function
  • PIN-code function
  • Wallet/key recovery
  • Import/sweep of private keys
  • Supports QR codes.

Methodology on Choosing the Best Crypto Wallets iOS

When it comes to the choice of the best cryptocurrency wallet for iPhone, it’s super significant to touch upon the special methodology that Crypto-Auditor has exclusively elaborated for the website concept.

We are always guided by the following criteria to choose the best option for you, namely:

  • Usability and user-friendliness
  • Level of security and safety measures (two-factor authentication, passphrase, fingerprint lock option, etc.)
  • Number of coins supported
  • Fees applied
  • Speed of depositing/withdrawing
  • Client support.

In reality, choosing a cryptocurrency wallet is not so easy. Especially when it comes to hot storage. Nevertheless, you need to decide what exactly the optimal wallet should be equipped with. What functions should be provided without fail.

Today’s crypto market is able to offer a lot of options. And we hope that this article will help you better understand crypto wallets and, perhaps, even highlight the best option for yourself.


Whenever you use any of these iOS wallets, we suggest that you always follow these basic security practices:

  • Back up your seed appropriately.
  • Always set a PIN on your mobile wallet.
  • Use a password/PIN that is difficult to guess.
  • DO NOT store a lot of cryptocurrency on mobile wallets.

In simple terms, a private key is like a passphrase for accessing your bank account. If he falls into the wrong hands, then this person will be able to enter your banking and transfer your money to himself. You must keep your private key even more secure than your bank account passphrase.

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