6 Cryptocurrency Analytics Software Tools: Platforms Reviews

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Are there any specialized platforms for the analysis and comparison of cryptocurrencies and tokens? Crypto-Auditor decided to review some of the most prominent options for you and express our professional opinion to make it easier for you to choose.

Top Crypto Analysis Software

One may encounter

  • Listings
  • Rating platforms
  • ICO calendars,

but there are not so many services that provide tools for complex technical analysis.

Source: cryptocointrade.com

However, the services that have occupied this niche are quite authentic and non-standard, while providing users with many useful functions.


In addition to ICO announcements, the platform offers many useful sections:

  • Analytical, which examines the investment strategy for a given period of time
  • FAQ about crypto
  • Basic analysis and comparison of the largest cryptocurrencies
  • Market section, where you can find information about the current situation, market overview, new cryptocurrencies, as well as lists of the most successful and most failed coins in the last 24 hours.

Coincheckup also offers a forward-looking section based on market conditions and reviews from other platforms.

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: The service is a useful tool containing, perhaps not all, but a large share of the necessary information about the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as fundamental and investment analysis.

As a bonus, we can note the “GitHub Analysis” section, which records the activity of cryptocurrency rates on a well-known resource over the past year.

Map of coins

Map of coins tells us about cryptocurrencies through interesting infographics. The platform also contains information about the technologies of each of the most popular cryptocurrencies today.

Having set a certain criterion, the platform displays certain coins on infographics, which helps to understand the confusing situation in the market.

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: High-quality infographics always catch the eye, any analytical information is easier to perceive with the help of visuals.

This is not to say that the platform provides an exhaustive amount of information for analytics, but it shows available hard forks and information about each of the technologies.


One of the most famous and largest cryptocurrency analytics sites. The platform provides all the basic information on

  • The rise in coin prices
  • Market capitalization
  • New cryptocurrencies
  • The largest exchanges
  • Lists of the best and worst projects.

There’s even a section with a crypto glossary on the platform, where there are the most famous terms about the world of cryptocurrencies. Among other useful tools of the platform, there are even comparative data on the market situation from 2013 to the present day.

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: An excellent platform that has collected the most important information for analytics and investment decisions. Coinmarketcap allows you to monitor cryptocurrency capitalization online.

By tracking the capitalization of a coin of interest, you can see how much a particular coin was bought in dollars, as well as how many trades were carried out in the last 24 hours, what is the price in USD and BTC and the dynamics of trading. Also delightful are the collections of Gainers and Losers and other useful tricks.


Another resource that provides data on the world of cryptocurrencies, however, it specializes primarily in bitcoin. On CoinDance, you can find

  • Statistics about Bitcoin users
  • The history of the rise and fall of the coin
  • Comparisons with other well-known cryptocurrencies
  • Information about the legal status of Bitcoin around the world, and much more.

A real guide to the world of bitcoin!

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: The platform is a suitable option for conducting Bitcoin-related trading activities. The site contains a huge variety of infographics related to BTC.

The platform’s functionality isn’t very large, but it offers the following points:

  • Analytical analysis of the Bitcoin user audience
  • Work with statistical data of mining pools, and
  • Work with statistical data on nodes and blocks.


The platform provides information about

  • Coins
  • Exchanges
  • Mining
  • Pools, and
  • Wallets.

In addition, the site has a forum where crypto enthusiasts can exchange experiences and discuss the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

The service focuses on providing investors with the most complete picture of the market for making further successful investment decisions. The platform has a free API with unique data. The platform processes all data online from the websites of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: Perhaps one of the most well-known analytical platforms for cryptocurrencies, the amount of information is off the charts, we’re glad that there is a forum for exchanging experience.


CryptoWatch collects information from exchanges and provides visitors with charts that can be used to analyze the trading volumes and values ​​of cryptocurrencies.

There is nothing superfluous on the platform, except for charts. However, there is a paid version of the site for those who are going to trade on several exchanges at the same time using the same account.

Crypto-Auditor Team Opinion: A useful tool for traders that includes all cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

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