How to Get Free Bitcoin?

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There is nothing better than free money, which of course also applies to Bitcoins. The good thing about free bitcoins is that you can do it quickly and without really much effort. In this post we would like to introduce you to several options where you can receive Bitcoin amounts for free.

There are countless such websites, some have to close again after a short time and others are pure fraud. For this reason lists only the tested options, so that you don’t have to mess with the providers!

Earn Free Bitcoin If You Already Have Capital

So, if you have some money to spend—that is to invest in crypto—you’d know that it’s a perfect way to multiply your funds! So, how to get bitcoin for free if you’re ready to invest at least something?

Read on and be the first to explore how to get a bitcoin for free!  

Automated Investments to Have Free Bitcoin

If you already have a little start-up capital and don’t want it to be useless on your wallet, Automatic Trading with Bitcoins can be an interesting option for you to automatically invest the Bitcoins in foreign currencies, stocks or ETFs. 

So-called auto trading robots offer the possibility of this. Here 

  • You pay the desired btc amount
  • Select in the settings which assets you want to invest in, and 
  • The bot then uses an algorithm to make profitable trades.

If you want to use this as a passive source of income, you should above all make sure to choose settings that are as low-risk as possible, such as a small position size and tight take-profits.

It’s been the first manner how to get free bitcoin instantly!

Bitcoin Casinos

The bonus hunt at Bitcoin casinos is associated with a little more effort. Many casinos are a method for free bitcoin as a bonus offer—with the intention of attracting new customers:

  • First deposit bonuses
  • Free spins, and 
  • Other bonus promotions. 

The idea behind it is to retain customers in the long term, because a casino usually makes a loss with such offers.

Conversely, this also means that as a resourceful Bitcoin enthusiast you can dust off a few extra Bitcoins with so-called “bonus hunting”. Hence, it’s also a way to get free bitcoin now!

Bitcoin casinos are often still in their infancy, and while bonus hunting barely works at normal casinos, some Bitcoin casinos still have bonuses that are actually worthwhile for players.

Calculation example for bitcoin for free

The bonuses can be clarified particularly well with games like Blackjack, where the house edge is around 0.5%. So, after 35 wagers you “lose” on average around 15% of your paid-in capital, but with the 100% bonus you get around 185%. 

If you use the full bonus of 1 BTC, you would theoretically end up with around 1.85 BTC.

That’s the second way to get free bitcoin online! Isn’t it appealing?

Earn Bitcoins Free If You Don’t Have Anything

All websites that offer free bitcoins are about the same. You have to open an account and then you will receive small amounts in Bitcoins within a specified period of time. The time periods and the Bitcoin amounts differ between providers. The withdrawal methods can also be different.

For some, it may not pay off to only receive cents every time. If that applies to you too, you should buy bitcoins instead of earning bitcoins. Those who keep collecting in a disciplined manner over the long term can, however, come up with larger sums.

In order to be able to receive bitcoins, you need a bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin hardware wallet is very secure, but it costs at least $80. Those who don’t want to spend money can install a Bitcoin desktop wallet (in a secure environment) or create a secure Bitcoin paper wallet.

Make Money with Bitcoin

Earning money with Bitcoin is the dream of many users who first learn about the fascinating digital currency. Mostly one thinks of the buying and holding of Bitcoin tokens in a Bitcoin wallet, known in crypto circles as “Hodln”.

This is of course legitimate, but in fact there are many ways in which you can make money with Bitcoin. We will explain the best and most effective options in detail here in this post. In addition, we will also introduce the best providers for this in more detail.

Each user will have a preferred way in which making money with Bitcoin is desirable for them. Whichever approach you choose, there is always computing power, time, or some effort to invest. The good news is that the best providers minimize this effort and make it simple.

Make Money with Bitcoin Mining

Anyone wondering how to earn money with Bitcoin seriously and gradually, inevitably comes across the topic of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is the oldest and most original way of getting the coveted digital gold.

With bitcoin mining you become active as a node in the Bitcoin network—the computing power of your own PC or CPU / GPU is used to participate as an authorized validator of Bitcoin transactions in the mining process and ultimately to be rewarded for this activity in BTC.

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