Cardano Foundation Presented a Development Plan for the Next 5 Years

By 2026, at least three Fortune 500 companies will use the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA), and 50 banks will partner with the Cardano Foundation. This was told by the head of the non-profit organization Frederick Gregaard.

According to Gregaard’s presentation, as part of its short-term development strategy, his organization has made progress in many areas. In particular, the Cardano Foundation is actively working to create a centralized registry of data on native tokens of the Cardano Registry platform and launch services for developers.

According to the head of the organization, by 2022 the Cardano Foundation will sign partnership agreements with 50 banks, add support for more than three new blockchain libraries, launch a service for developers, increase the platform’s interpretability, and improve the voting mechanism of the Project Catalyst decentralized fund.

Gregaard noted that the Cardano Foundation intends to organize the purchase of ADA tokens by at least three Fortune 500 companies by 2024. The organization also plans to achieve an increase in on-chain activity and an increase in the number of wallets.

For these purposes, the project team will publish three white papers and several studies aimed at the practical use of the blockchain platform.

By 2026, the Cardano Foundation plans to increase the user base of the platform’s ecosystem to 1 billion. By that time, the project will enter the Voltaire era and will be fully community-driven as a decentralized organization.

Currently, the Cardano cryptocurrency is ranked fifth in the CoinGecko rating with a market capitalization of $45.33 billion. Over the past 24 hours, the ADA price has decreased by 1.7%. At the time of writing, the figure is $1.41.

The Cardano Foundation has ambitious plans, but critics of the project often ridicule the organization for failing to achieve its goals.

On July 5, Chris Berniske, partner at venture capital firm Placeholder Venture Capital, retweeted last year’s post from Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson, in which he gave an optimistic forecast regarding the development of the blockchain platform. Bernisce accompanied the post with a comment:

“Did any of this happen?”

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