DOGE’s Daily Trading Volume Approaches $1 Billion

DOGE has become the leader in terms of growth in trading volumes. Bitcoin showed the worst growth in trading. The Asian market pumped up the cryptocurrency market with cash the most


As Crypto-Auditor notes, the meme cryptocurrency trading volumes in Q2 2021 grew by 1250% amid listing of the token on large cryptocurrency exchanges

The trading volumes of the dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency in the Q2 increased by 1250% to almost $1 billion per day. Insider writes about this with reference to the indicators of Coinbase. The average DOGE trading volume reportedly rose to $995 million per day between April and June. Thus, the cryptocurrency grew from $74 million per day in the first quarter, when exchanges like

  • Coinbase
  • eToro and Gemini just added the token to the listing.

In the meantime, ether trading volumes in Q2 were up 53% from the previous quarter. Daily indicators averaged $ 3.25 billion. It is noteworthy that over the same period, daily Bitcoin trading volumes fell by 14% to $ 4.01 billion.

In general, the total world trade volumes for the second quarter increased by 32% to $ 18.82 billion per day. Most of all, the growth was promoted by the Asian market, where trading increased by 44% to $ 8.98 billion per day. However, Insider notes that Coinbase’s sample included only transactions on centralized exchanges in crypto-fiat pairs.

Meanwhile, Messari analysts have found that the decentralized finance market is gearing up for a rally. Recall that experts believe that decisions on scaling ecosystems will have a positive effect not only on the trading volumes of decentralized exchanges, but also on the prices of DeFi tokens themselves.

Moreover, according to Morgan Stanley’s experts, it’s time for major players in the financial world to think about how to enter the cryptocurrency market. The bank notes that the market capitalization, which grew from less than $50 billion in 2017 to $ 2 trillion in April 2021, speaks of the market’s readiness for big players.

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