Ethereum Capitalization Exceeded $460 Billion

The altcoin Ethereum has surpassed the $4,000 mark for a digital coin, and the market capitalization of the currency has reached $460 billion.


As Crypto-Auditor notices, the growth in the cost of altcoin amounted to almost 5% per day and more than 30% per week. The capitalization of Ethereum has almost reached half of the capitalization of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Co-founder and managing director of the investment company Magnetic Megan Kaspar expressed confidence that altcoin could rise in price to $8-10 thousand by the end of this year. Similar estimates regarding the growth of the exchange rate were previously given by analysts of Fundstrat Global Advisors—they say about $10.5 thousand per coin.

Moreover, Kaspar said that against the background of the announced major update of Ethereum EIP 1559, in accordance with which the number of tokens will be reduced, the altcoin will continue to rise in price. Within several years, investments can increase its value up to 100 thousand dollars, the investor is sure.

Alternative cryptocurrencies continue to rise in price in the markets. Five assets have repaired high yields over the past week.

Some analysts, meanwhile, believe that the strengthening of control over the cryptocurrency, as well as the further escalation of international conflicts, can sharply lower the bitcoin rate. In the worst case, the circulation of these coins can be banned altogether.

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