Ethereum Co-Founder Leaves Cryptocurrency Business Due to Personal Security

The founder of the blockchain platform and cryptocurrency Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio, announced that he left the cryptocurrency business. This is partly due to personal safety, Bloomberg reports.


“Assets in cryptocurrency have a risk profile that I am not too happy about. I do not feel safe in this space. If I focused on more serious issues, I think I would be safer,” said Di Iorio, who declined to disclose information about his assets in cryptocurrency or net worth. notes that Di Iorio has been using personal protection on an ongoing basis since 2017. He plans to sell his company to Decentral Inc. in the coming weeks.

It is an innovation hub and software company that focuses on decentralized technologies. According to him, this business will be estimated at “hundreds of millions”.

The businessman wants to turn his attention to charity and non-cryptocurrency business. Di Iorio also expects to sever ties with his other startups over time and does not plan to fund blockchain projects.

“I want to diversify, so as not to be a cryptocurrency, but to deal with complex problems. I will include cryptocurrency when necessary, but in most cases this is not the case. This is really a small percentage of what the world needs,” the businessman emphasized.

Di Iorio is currently involved in a project to develop a zero-emission vehicle.

In 2013, Di Iorio co-founded Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market value of about $ 225 billion. In 2018, a businessman bought the largest and one of the most expensive apartments in Canada ($ 22 million), partially paying for it with cryptocurrency.

In recent years, Di Iorio has taken up venture investment and start-up consulting. He was also the digital director of the Toronto Stock Exchange. In February 2018, Forbes estimated his capital at $ 1 billion. Since then, the price of Ethereum has more than doubled.

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