Hackers Stole $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency within the Year

The volume of token fraud from July 2020 to July 2021 in the world amounted to at least $ 1 billion.

Source: traderdefenseadvisory.com

According to Crypto-Auditor, this figure strongly depends on the rate of digital currencies: for example, the price of bitcoin since the beginning of last year has increased from $10 thousand to $58 thousand by the winter of 2021, which led to an increase in the size of companies’ losses from hacker attacks.

The number of major attacks and attempts at blackmail related to ransomware exceeded 1,000 this year alone.

The main reason for the rise in digital asset fraud is the increasing penetration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life. The volume of token crimes is also increasing. In 2021, it reached approximately $50 million.

The number of requests from government agencies to the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance for help in the investigation reached 5.6 thousand in 2021 alone. This is twice as much as in 2020, said CEO and founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao.

This growth may be associated with an increase in the frequency of incidents with ransomware programs and the entry into force in a number of countries of laws regulating the circulation of digital currencies.

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