Loot (for Adventurers): Activity and Economic Commitment of the NFTs Project

Author & Guarantor: Elena Yefimenko

Loot (for Adventurers), a one-of-a-kind collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been gaining attention since September as the hype rises around the industry. The seemingly minimalist design of this project simultaneously created fascination and skepticism within the NFT community. Zoom on the activity and the economic commitment of Loot.

Loot (for Adventurers) – 3rd Episode

If there is one non-fungible token project that has caught the eye because of its originality, it’s Loot! If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, or even OpenSea in September, you’ve probably realized the importance the news has brought to this unexpected work, to say the least.

Source: lootproject.com/

In this series of 3 articles, Crypto-Auditor invites you to explore various aspects of a project that has caused a lot of talk. So, make yourself comfortable and let yourself be told the story of Loot (for Adventurers).

Economic Diagnosis of the Collection

While the first two installments in this series focused on the origins, ethos and development of Project Loot after its launch, this latest article provides a factual perspective on the economic activity of Project Loot (for Adventurers).

Measuring the development and activity of a collection requires easily accessible data in the Web 3.0 age.

As we will see, the analysis of the activity of Loot Bags from Dom Hoffman’s random generator indicates that interest in Loot weakens over time.

To start, let’s see the activity graph offered on the collection’s OpenSea page. We can easily detect 3 phases:

  • At the end of August, the initial hype. Between enthusiasm and FOMO, individuals snatch up the freshly minted Loot Bags. Increase in transfer volume and floor price;
  • In early September, the gradual loss of interest after the peak. Less and less transfers, the floor price falls;
  • A peak in volatility due to a tweet from Dom on October 2. A sharp recovery drives the price up for a few hours.

This is a nice overview of the overall trend. After a swift adoption, the pulse of Project Loot (for Adventurers) slows. But this table alone does not weigh enough to constitute a solid argument.

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