Moonlight Metaverse: A New Release. The Future Is Here Now!

Author & Guarantor: Anton Yurchenko

Essential to any Metaverse are a good avatar and an environment to interact with others. These are the building blocks of any virtual world.

The best avatar depends highly on the kind of virtual world you plan to inhabit. For example, a wired headset and controllers will suffice if you plan to play a video game. But if you want to enter into a more immersive environment that offers virtual yoga or dance classes, an avatar with motion control may be necessary.
As for environments, there are many that offer various levels of interactivity, including virtual rooms and complete virtual worlds. The price range varies as well, depending on what you want to do and where you want to do it.

Moonlight Metaverse Creator – MMOVR

The Moonlight Metaverse Creator is a VR authoring tool that allows creators to build avatars, environments, and much more with a click of a mouse. With the Metaverse Creator, you can construct animated, stereoscopic 3D avatars with dozens of face shapes, hairstyles, and more. The avatar creator also features motion-capture capabilities, so you can create beautiful, lifelike avatars that move naturally. And because the Metaverse Creator is open source, new features are constantly being added, becoming even more versatile.
MOONLIGHT metaverse houses countless opportunities for all its users, namely:
  • play-2-Earn Gaming
  • exchange Platform
  • ePayments
  • market Making & Liquidity Provision
  • NFT Commerce
  • meta-Launchpad
  • community Rewards
  • $MOLT & $MGOV tokens

Also, NFT Commerce proposes you so many great options like:

  • Real Estate on the Moon
  • Clothing
  • Marketplace
  • Music Licensing.

Integrate to the future! You’ll earn a lot of crypto assets!

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