Omicron Token Has Risen in Price 10 Times after the Emergence of a New Strain of COVID-19

Author & Guarantor: Anton Yurchenko

On November 29, the altcoin renewed its all-time high at $ 689. In four days, its price increased by almost 1000%


The price of the Omicron (OMIC) token has grown almost 10 times over the past four days, as Crypto-Auditor is aware. On Monday, November 29, the altcoin price reached a new all-time high, rising above $ 689. The cryptocurrency began to rise rapidly after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a new strain of coronavirus from South Africa and named it “omicron”.

The new strain of coronavirus is spreading faster than its predecessors, and may affect more people, including those who have previously had other strains, suggest in the WHO.

The Omicron token was created in early November as a result of the division of the Olympus project into the second-tier Arbitrum network. Each OMIC token is backed by an internal asset basket (USDC and OMIC-MIM LP).

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