Traders Began to Withdraw Bitcoins from Crypto Exchanges for $66 Million per Day

The volume of the first cryptocurrency on the trading floors returns to the indicators of April, when the asset set a historical maximum near $65 thousand.

Crypto-Audtor is aware that crypto exchange users daily withdraw 2,000 bitcoins worth over $ 66 million to external wallets, according to the analytical company Glassnode.

It published a report according to which the outflow of cryptocurrency from trading floors has been observed since the end of May. The volume of bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges returns to the indicators of April, when the price maximum was set near $65 thousand.


Glassnode noted that the growth of bitcoin quotes was accompanied by the withdrawal of cryptocurrency from exchanges. In May, investors began to send their BTC coins to exchanges for sale, while the price of the asset began to fall, and on June 22 at the moment it fell below $29 thousand.

Analysts reported that users have become more active in transferring funds to projects from the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). Since June 26, DeFi funds have grown by 21% to $ 111 billion.

Often, the outflow of funds from crypto exchanges is associated with active purchases. For example, on the evening of May 19, after the bitcoin rate fell by a third per day, to $ 30 thousand, the largest withdrawal of digital coins was recorded in a year. Users withdrew about 175 thousand BTC for $ 7 billion to cold wallets at the exchange rate at that time.

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