Twitter Added the Ability to Donate using Ethereum

Author & Guarantor: Anton Yurchenko

Before that, the social network only supported transfers in bitcoin. In addition, Twitter Tips supports Cash App and Venmo payment systems.


According to Crypto-Auditor, Twitter has added support for Ethereum addresses for its mobile donation service. The option came a few months after the social network added the ability to send donations in bitcoin using the Lighting Network.

Now donations to Ethereum addresses are available to a wide range of users. However, unlike bitcoins, the direct connection of wallets to the Ethereum network is not yet provided. To send a donation, you must manually copy the wallet address.

In January, Twitter added the ability to put NFT on a profile photo. This feature has become available to subscribers of the Twitter Blue premium service with devices based on the iOS operating system. They can now link their social media account to a cryptocurrency wallet and select NFTs to use as their profile photo.

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