US Decides to Track Cryptocurrency Transactions to Fight Hackers

Author & Guarantor: Elena Yefimenko

The administration of US President Joe Biden is going to tighten control over transactions with cryptocurrency to counter hackers using ransomware viruses. This was announced on Wednesday, July 14, by Bloomberg, citing sources.


According to them, the American authorities are planning to “more closely monitor transfers” in cryptocurrency, which are carried out by companies, organizations and departments as a payment to hackers for the return of stolen information or access to computer systems.

As is aware, it is clarified that for this purpose the White House has formed a special commission, which should deal with the suppression of the actions of hackers using ransomware viruses.

According to the agency, Ann Nyberger, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security of the United States, said that the United States intends to work with allies to convince other countries “not to harbor hackers on their territory.” She stressed that at present, there are no cybersecurity standards for American businesses and Congress should work on developing these rules.

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